Marvelous May – May All of Your Hopes Materialize – Make May Your Best Month Yet

**May you be blessed and enjoy all of the fruits of you OWN hard-won success! May you be blessed in love, light and happiness!~

May everything that you have planned, dating back to the beginning of the new year, come true for you in the merry month of May! Enjoy Marvelous May!

May everything that you have worked for bring you joy, recognition and come to fruition. **I am sending you a blessing and May all of your desires and wishes transpire into the dreams that you wish to accomplish. May all of your goals and missions, just as you and me have set ourselves up to do, reach you in divine timing- The time is NOW!

May you enjoy the fruits of your OWN labor and may I do the same!

May your hard work, input and amazing work ethic be of FULL benefit to you. May all of those that count on you to make a better life for yourself show you gratitude and appreciation.

May you guess a lot less and just learn to accept that your life is filled with heartfelt love, joy, grace strength and gratitude for all of your outstanding January-April accomplishments. I tip my hat to you!

May you find the friend, mate or fate that you are aspiring to attain by giving 100%percent of your efforts into whatever fulfills you and brings you strength.

May all of your hopes, joys,dreams and aspirations find you first, before you head off on your summer vacation. May you enjoy your vacation destination.

Wishing you the best of health, love and luck that the merry month of May can give you! Have a marvelous May 2017!

**Thank you in advance for reading this article,until the end,and for reading my summary page.

**I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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