Tasty Mangoes For Better Vision Health

When it comes to eating a food that is juicy, tasty and healthy, mangoes easily fit that description. Not only are they nutritious but they provide a wide array of health benefits. These include an improvement in digestion, better immunity, cancer prevention, lower cholesterol and the prevention of kidney stones to name a few. But did you know that mangoes also help to improve your eyesight as well. Therefore, here are some benefits of mangoes for improving eye health:

Mangoes And Your Eyesight – This juicy fruit is a source of the vision promoting vitamins A and C. A good reason to include this fruit in your diet is the fact that it provides about 25% of the daily recommended allowance for vitamin A; a vitamin that is helpful in improving your night vision.

Additional reasons to make this fruit a regular healthy snack is the fact that it provides nutritional support for eye health that is useful as a good preventive measure against the following eye diseases and eye conditions: night blindness, eye strain and eye irritation. It is therefore, helpful in sustaining good eye health.

Good Sources of Lutein and Zeaxanthin: according to the National Eye Institute, the vision nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin provide protective benefits for your eyes which include a reduction in the risks for Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. Including this fruit in your diet is a wise food choice as it consists of a good source of these vision promoting nutrients for better vision and eye health. here some additional benefits of mangoes:


Better Digestion: Mangoes consists of fiber which is helpful in promoting better elimination. Mangoes are also rich in enzymes that promote a properly working digestive system. 75% of the body’s immune system is located in the digestive tract. Therefore, because it greatly improves the function of the digestive system it also boosts your immunity.

Cancer Fighting: It consists of the antioxidants quercitin and other key cancer fighting compounds that are helpful in boosting the body’s immune system against various forms of cancer such as prostate and colon cancer.

Lower Cholesterol: eating mangoes is a good way to reduce your cholesterol levels due to its fiber and pectin content. It is also a good source of potassium that lowers blood pressure and promotes eye health.

When it comes to eating for eye health while satisfying your taste preferences as well you can’t go wrong in including mangoes in your diet. If you are interested in improving your vision and protecting your eye health and your general health, ultimately, making mangoes an integral part of your daily diet is definitely a good food choice for a stronger and healthier body.

Source by Joel Travers King

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